Investment Management


CFG’s approach to investment management mirrors that which we apply to other aspects of your financial plan: Alignment. We design customized portfolios uniquely tailored to meet your stated goals and objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons. That way, your money is actually working for you!

Taking a holistic approach and establishing diversification through asset allocation, the four central tenets of our investment management philosophy are transparency, liquidity, tax-efficiency and fee efficiency.

Absent specific client considerations, we advocate a global perspective for portfolio construction.

We always think first in terms of asset class allocation, as opposed to security selection. We consider valuations and geo-political and technical market events to adjust exposure across asset classes. And, as opportunities present themselves, we can supplement our broad asset class approach with smaller targeted allocations to individual countries, sectors or strategies in the hopes of providing alpha to your overall portfolio.

We know that clients and markets evolve over time, and we believe in the value of flexibility so that portfolios can reflect the changing nature of the investor as well as that of the financial landscape.