About Us

For over thirty years, Capital Formation Group, Inc. (CFG) has helped clients of significant means to understand their financial goals, formulate sound financial plans, and enjoy their achievements.

CFG was founded on the premise that working with clients and their financial futures should be about clarifying and solving problems via a process of sound planning. This process should be about completely aligning with clients, their families, and their needs.

Since forming as a registered investment advisory company in 1985, CFG has added competencies to the business to anticipate our clients’ needs. The best process requires the best people. We have established relationships with many of the best outside advisors who, when added with our internal expertise, interface and coordinate to create cohesive results for our clients. The trust necessary to provide this coordination is only earned by years of experience.

We understand that financial returns are not predictably linear. We build life’s ups and downs into our planning assumptions while striving to provide acquired wisdom, common sense, and a foundation of trust.

Finally, we do the ‘unglamorous parts’: it is one thing to design and implement a financial/estate plan. We are different than our competitors in that we do the ongoing administrative work needed to make the plan successful over time.