Administrative Services

One of our goals is to streamline and simplify the lives of our clients. By delivering this set of administrative services, we are able to achieve that goal as well as provide a repository for all their financial and non-financial information.

Consolidated Financial Statement Preparation And Maintenance

Affluent clients may have accounts with several different investment sources, making it difficult to understand their full investment picture or determine if their portfolios are balanced/diversified. We create a complete picture of your financial situation, bringing the entirety of your information together in one place and producing a consolidated set of financial statements. This combined ‘snapshot’ of your financial position lets you easily see your full array of assets and how they change from quarter to quarter. This process also allows us to have full knowledge of your situation and make diversification recommendations accordingly.

Cash Flow Statements And Budget Preparation

It is important to know where you stand with respect to your financial picture at any given moment in time. We work with you to monitor practical budgets that incorporate all the aspects of your life and then deliver snapshot cash flow statements, giving us and you insight into your overall plan effectiveness.

Document And Record Management

Having one central place for all documents that pertain to your financial and household picture is helpful to most people. Where appropriate, a vault is available to you.

Trust Administration And Accounting

As an integral part of your financial management, we provide the information needed on your income, gains and losses. As a result, we can efficiently deliver all of the necessary information to your tax advisor.

Foundation Administration

Arriving at that point in life where you can begin gifting to those for whom you feel affinity is a most rewarding time. After the work has been done to determine the beneficiaries and amounts, these gifts need proper administration. This process can be handled smoothly with the help of highly professional and experienced fiduciaries.