Estate management

Most people think of estate management as something that is handled close to one’s death and/or shortly thereafter. We think of it very differently. Estate management should begin early on with the establishment of basic wills, trusts, and insurance as well as the coordination of living wills, powers of attorney, and the like. Advanced planning usually begins when you are assured of your financial independence and continues on into the future that you shape for your heirs. Most importantly, estate management is not just about numbers—it’s about values—and should be arrived at with thoughtful discernment with the ones you hold dear.

Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer

Each family plan is as unique as the family itself. Where we site a trust, how/whether we form a family entity, and what provisions are included for heirs help us determine a thoughtfully designed plan that will be used for the benefit of multiple generations.

Family Philanthropic Legacy Planning

What better responsibility could be left to the next generation than to entrust them with the opportunity of supporting a worthy cause in the family name? Legacy Planning affords you, the philanthropist, an ongoing presence as a force of good in the community, during your lifetime and after your death. We help you structure legacies that make sense, and by properly planning and using current tax laws, we can amplify your charitable desires.

Asset Protection Planning

Taxes may erode your wealth, but this erosion can be mitigated in whole or in part, and with some predictability. Accidents or litigious predators can be much more costly and entirely random. We help you assess much broader coverage options and legal vehicles to protect your wealth now and in the future for you and your heirs.

Family Business Structures

There are times when establishing a business structure to aid in the financial management for the family is appropriate. We work with you to determine the most suitable business entity (e.g., corporation, LLC, partnership, etc.) for your needs and help you establish the appropriate structure.

Evaluation Of State Of The Art 
Advanced Planning Strategies

From twenty-five years of developing trusted relationships, we have the unique and fortunate position of obtaining creative planning ideas from some of the country’s best and brightest tax and legal minds. We have been given this privilege because we ardently protect the intellectual property of others. What this means for you is the opportunity to be presented with creative thinking on financial matters, or having the opportunity for these trusted advisors to evaluate an approach that might have been presented to you by an outside party. The real upside is more powerful financial thinking, while intelligently managing risk.

Trustee And Custody Services

Charles Schwab provides custody services. The combination of CFG, Charles Schwab and trust companies offering favorable situs and directed trust statutes, enables us to provide highly professional corporate trustee services by seasoned professionals in a family office style to fit your family’s needs.

Fiduciary And Trustee Succession Planning

Many clients utilize trusted advisors or family members as trustees or co-trustees. Ultimately though, a person may become unable or unwilling to serve. Seasoned professionals provide proper planning for these eventualities. We prefer the directed trust approach or the private family trust company approach for ultra high net worth clients.