Family care

Wealth can provide freedom and choice for many families, but it also can be easily wasted or improperly used. We believe in helping you develop a holistic approach of employing your wealth to help family members care for one another.

Financial Education

It is often difficult for beneficiaries of wealth, specifically those who did not have a hand in creating that wealth, to understand their financial positions or the more sophisticated financial matters of their lives. We provide education to your family members, in group or individual settings, to help them understand their situation and promote sustainable financial practices.

Education Funding/College Planning

For many, ensuring that their children and/or grandchildren have the funds to attend the higher learning institutions of their choice is an important factor in their family financial planning. We help you understand your needs in this area and assist you with the most appropriate way of setting that money aside for this eventuality.

Children/Grandchildren Trusts

One of the most common fears of those creating trusts, especially with the creators of new wealth, is removing incentive from their heirs’ lives. We help you structure trusts for your children and grandchildren that make sense, and allow the recipients to benefit from this wealth at the most appropriate time. The ‘trust spigot’ may be turned on and off; knowing when and why is what we strive to help you define.

Philanthropic Due Diligence and Discernment

Generosity is enabled by wealth. But determining how a sizable portion of your family’s wealth should be distributed over many years can be a difficult matter to discern. And perhaps more importantly, ensuring that the organizations chosen are sound financial entities can be even more complex. We work with you (whether in individual meetings that last hours to family retreats that last days) to understand where your inner affections lie and how these affect the giving process. Then we perform the necessary due diligence on your desired directions for contributions to make certain that these are enduring investments to your philanthropic legacy.

Assistance For Parents

In some cases, especially for those who have been fortunate enough to create their wealth at a relatively young age, the distribution of wealth can be to older generations in addition to younger heirs. We help you assess your parents’ or other relatives’ financial positions and work to structure gifting approaches that make sense for all concerned.

Intervention/Counseling Referrals

Personal issues, psychological problems, or poor lifestyle choices are not unique to those without means. We help you contact the appropriate resources to help your loved ones receive the help they need.

Substance Abuse Referrals

In those unfortunate instances where experimentation or habitual behavior has led to life-threatening excess, we help you find the resources necessary to assist the individual dealing with their substance abuse problem.