Financial Independence Planning

On a regular basis, we work with clients of significant means to first set aside the capital they need to be financially independent. The primary aspect of this part of our work is to help you understand what financial independence entails and how you can quantify and manage that goal. In its simplest sense, this involves the integration of all assets needed to support income over your lifetime. We believe this step should be addressed prior to Investment Management and Estate Management.

Probability Of Success Analysis/Portfolio Design

We approach the concept of portfolio design by thinking about the continuum of an individual’s finances, from building wealth to the point at which financial independence is reached to estate management. Everyone has an investment portfolio. But all too often that portfolio is uncoordinated, may lack verifiable diversification, and/or is not as risk averse as desired. We work with you to uncover a complete financial picture, on a cash flow basis, understand your goals, assess your current portfolio, and see how it might be improved to achieve the highest likelihood of success. By using the best analytical tools available to analyze linear and Monte Carlo simulations along with our years of experience, we help you make sense of this information and determine the parameters of an appropriate portfolio design.

Tax Qualified Retirement Plan Use And Coordination

The planning for and distribution of tax qualified retirement plans has become a specialty area in and of itself. What was once easy to establish and administer has become a complicated matter for specialists in the field. With the help of our trusted advisors in this area, we help you understand the position of your current retirement plans, and how, when, or if they should be distributed.

Deferred Compensation Plan Use And Coordination

Unlike qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation programs are not secured—they are an asset of the corporation providing the executive benefit. We perform a detailed analysis for you that weighs the risks and rewards of deferring versus current distribution, where permissible.

Life & Health Insurance Advice And Coordination

Few products in the marketplace are less understood than life insurance. We have an in-depth understanding of these products and their applications, particularly as they apply to the affluent client. We help you understand how life insurance fits into your overall plan and how to maximize financial returns while simultaneously lowering risk.

Property & Casualty Insurance Advice And Coordination

We insure all of our valuable things—homes, automobiles, furnishings, artwork, etc. Yet, without the proper coverage, a simple mistake can result in the loss of significant wealth. With our trusted advisors, we help you to understand which types of coverage are available and what is needed to protect your assets. A mistake in this area can result in unnecessary exposure in the event of a significant liability.