Tax planning

Income tax planning is one of the most important components of wealth management. With issues such as capital gains (short- and long-term), ordinary income, and the troublesome alternative minimum tax, it is incredibly important to receive the best advice possible in this area. That is why we have aligned ourselves with superb advisors to provide this level of excellence in the following areas:

Reduction Strategies

While varied in the strategies employed and the emphasis given, we look at methods, both legal and appropriate, to ensure that your family’s plan will be tax efficient.

Tax Accounting

The administrative systems at Charles Schwab provide detailed financial reporting on all your investment activities handled through us. Accurate and comprehensive information is delivered to your tax advisor on a timely basis.

Tax Preparation

It is not unusual around tax time for tax advisors to spend half their time chasing information needed for their clients’ returns. We provide our clients with the distinct advantage of having us provide most, if not all, of that information on your behalf. This allows for the most efficient use of your tax advisor’s time and minimizes or eliminates our clients’ need to be involved in the details.

Investment Tax Attentiveness

We are concerned with the overall tax burden that you may face as a consequence of investment decisions and performance. The advisors we choose are closely attuned to your personal after-tax return on investment, and the administrative systems at Charles Schwab efficiently provide the necessary data to assess tax liability and inform further investment decisions.

Any tax advice contained herein is of a general nature and is not intended for public dissemination. Further, you should seek specific tax advice from your tax professional before pursuing any idea contemplated herein. This advice is being provided solely as an incidental service to our business as insurance professionals.