The CFG Approach

For private clients, CFG is differentiated by a genuine desire to fully understand your lifestyle, financial and legacy goals and to be mindful of the uniquely personal values and circumstances that shape them. We also strive to understand how you think and feel about money and investing and work with out strategic partner, ValMark Advisers, to create an approach to your finances that truly helps you achieve your goals and meets your needs.

For trustees and advisors, we bring our skills to help you comprehensively serve your clients' needs and solve problems with you.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to financial well-being. Our team was founded on the premise that successful wealth management should be focused on a holistic, client-centered perspective: one that aligns financial resources with your long-term needs.

While we provide a wide range of services, we view ourselves primarily as financial educators and coaches, guiding you to better understand wealth accumulation and protection. As an independent firm, we are always objective and unbiased: not tethered to proprietary products or aggressive sales goals.

Our passion is focused on developing long-term relationships built on trust, mutual respect and an unwavering fiduciary commitment to placing your best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

While we're always monitoring markets and product performance, we take a long-term view and evaluate performance against progress toward achieving clients' goals and meeting their needs. 

 Whether planning, investments or insurance, we have a simple guiding principle: The Golden Rule. 

Ultimately, the best measure of success is how well we've helped you because we work for you.