CFG's Approach to Investment Management

CFG's approach to investment management mirrors what we apply to other aspects of your financial plan: Customized and Comprehensive.


We provide investment management through Ingalls and Snyder, LLC ( and ValMark Advisers, Inc. (


The four central tenets of our investment management philosophy are transparency, liquidity, tax- efficiency and fee efficiency.


Optimizing Your Investments


A Balanced and Complementary Approach


We believe that an optimal investment strategy is imperative for any financial plan. History has proven that interest-generating investments such as cash and bonds have relative stability of principal. However, they provide little opportunity for real long-term growth due to their susceptibility to interest rates and inflation. On the other hand, equity investments have clearly enjoyed significantly higher expected returns historically, but are vulnerable to more severe volatility risk in the markets.


To balance the need for safety and performance, we use several investment platforms to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative strategies. They allow us to identify and design the best investment strategy for your situation, and answer questions such as:


  • Am I taking too much or too little risk with my investments?
  • Are my assets divided into different buckets to address different goals and different time horizons?
  • Are my investments generating unnecessary taxes?
  • Are my accounts being rebalanced so I stay within my risk parameters?


How your personal portfolio is structured depends on a number of variables that we incorporate into your customized design. These variables include your current stage in the financial life cycle, your risk tolerance and investment time horizons. In this way, we are able to better manage your money with an equal emphasis on risk management and investment performance.